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Hot as arabian nights
Fuck it I’ll say what I like
Everyone holding their tongue nowadays, so I guess that I’m breaking the ice
Got in the game as a
Learned how to play this shit right
Now I be on it, I’m fully on top of it, I ain’t afraid of no heights
I was just Timmy Turner had to put the work in
Had to live and learn a lot of stuff but fuck it
I just took it further now reality is what my wish has turned to
Find a beat and I committed murder
Turned an instrumental to a missing person
I can speed it up like I was Tecca Nina
I can slow it down like I’m the Prince of Persia
I can flip a burger if you want the beef
Trust me you really don’t want it, non
Tracks bang like I shot a
Big drums like Tommy guns
This lgacy that I’m sculpting
Got my creativity pulsing
Got Agrabah on lockdown
So bow down for the Sultan
I’ve insulted
(Bria Lee: Chorus)
I’m living my life, I’m paving my way
I’m rolling the dice, I’m colder than ice, and now I’m here to stay
I’m living my life, don’t care what they say
I’m raising my price, I’m aiming my sights, get the fuck out my way

Обложка песни: Chris Webby - Arabian Nightz

Дата релиза: 15-09-2021

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Песню Arabian Nightz написал Chris Webby.

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Песню Arabian Nightz исполняет Chris Webby.