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Eat her out like cannibals
Cream pie her like animals
She seems to be mad at you
Cause weak shit ain't compatible
She does what her I ask to
I mean what I command her to
Smacking the bitch when I strangle too
Fucking a king not a random dude
She don’t need no motherfucking dick pic
Why the fuck you acting like your chick thick?
Fucking while you're somewhere with your wrists slit
Fucking while she's texting you a kiss, shit
Ain’t no fucking legend I will fall for now
You already lost it so don't bother now
She must be your sister cause she's calling me her daddy while I sonned you and you're calling me father now

Catch me on the ride of my life I don't lie
Time is overpriced, I'm alive, on my pride
She's been getting wild, feeling lied to till I die
I speak the truth, even when I lie - I don't lie

Ah yeah ballin’ like commando
Said that you a hitter but you really is a fan tho
All my guys been ballin’ and we chained up like we rambo
From the sand, but we came up from the sand tho
Savin' my deposit now my pockets on fleek
If I said it man I said it then I said I’m a beast
Put my dick up in her asshole now she rollin' in the deep
Scratching on my back now she rolling in the sheets

Catch me on the ride I won't die I'm alive put a hunnid on my head if you, I’m still alive yah
She said that she high when she lied about last night yah
Tell the truth even if I lie I don't lie yah

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Дата релиза: 27-04-2021

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