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All the things that I once feared
All the whispers in my ear
All the friends I thought I knew
All the people I outgrew
All the nights I wasted tears
All the disappearing years
For a while was in denial
My mother’s least favorite child
All these fucking voices in my head
Tell me I’m not good enough for them
They just leave me paranoid
Paranoid, paranoid again
All these fucking voices in my head
Got me feeling insecure again
They just leave me paranoid
Paranoid, paranoid again
Every thought that’s in my head
Every stupid word I said
Every corner in my house
Every crease around my mouth
Every night I toss and turn
Am I ever gonna learn?
Everyone should quiet down
I just wanna tune you out
I can’t escape my thoughts
Are they real or dreams?
Sirens in my head
Paranoia screams
I don’t feel alone
Are they watching me?
Are you watching me?
I don’t know if I can survive
Unless I can shut off my mind
Is it too late?

Обложка песни: Palaye Royale - Paranoid

Дата релиза: 25-10-2021

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