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I can’t believe it’s over, I was there they said «forever»
It’s getting harder to pretend, it’s good to know that it’s on trend
Take the weight up off their shoulders, it’s better now before they grow up
These are some of my best friends, things like this never happen
I’m smiling again
Like we did when we were younger, wash me clean with holy water
Take me down on the weekend, savor the flavor of wet skin
Now you and me can’t be closer, we are different than the others
I’m begging for your attention, things like this never happen
Lay me down again, oh lover, don’t let it in…
Tell me it’s true…
I can’t believe he told her, did she know before he told her?
It’s feeling more like a loose end, it’s better now they can be friends
I’m smiling again
And as for me I fuck things over, talk me down keep your composure
Lay me down again, oh lover, don’t let it in…
Tell me it’s true…
Tell me it’s what you want it’s what you need
Your happiness depends on me
If you want me, if you need me
Tell me that you’ll never leave
Insecure my tendency
I do believe that we can make it through
Tell me that’s true
Now that I think about it…
I can’t believe it’s over…
These are some of my best friends…

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Дата релиза: 13-01-2021

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