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Blood dripping off my braids
Persuade 'em with the blade
Bitch, I call a spade a spade
There ain’t no need for throwing shade
You know I keep that contraband
$uicide in high demand
Keep a hand full of them xans, and a fully loaded mag'
Afterlife pimpin', got them rims on a casket
Bitches on my mattress, fuck 'em all backwards
Walking corpse, stalking courts
Show 'em no remorse
Corner store, sippin' fours
Fresh up off a tour, bitch
Tulip flower petals shower me in slow motion
While I’m blowing on some sour D
Fuck an idol, no one towers over me
Hopefully, openly talking 'bout all of my emotions
Ocean deep, sink into the bottom
Opening up all my fucking problems
Bitch, I promise I’ll become forgotten, rotten
Fucking spotted on the concrete
Six times three
If I was a key on the board, I’d probably be delete or escape
Either way, you’re pressing me, uh

Обложка песни: $uicideBoy$ - April Mourning

Дата релиза: 15-09-2020

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