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Watch me pull up in a H1 with my day ones
Now’s the time to say something, if you wanna say something
Swinging on 'em
Make their face lumped
Take em' to the lakefront and roll bout 8 blunts
Now my face numb from the grey bumps
White lines like we in a shake junt
Fake fronting ass pussy boy
Your mama made change
Didn’t know she also made chumps
Make your bitch wet
In fact, here the rain come
Stain something
All day plague stunting
Ain’t fronting
Bitch I’m in the back puffing
Me and my cousin fucking buzzing
Got the razor blades tucked in
Airing at the fucking room like Glade Plug Ins
Represent that East 5 9
It’s a grey thing
Creeping round your mother fucking block with no plates, mane
Make your motherfucking front yard to a gun range
Blocka blocka with the chopper
Turn your name to a stain
Big dog
No heart
We ain’t built the same nah
Big gars
Xan bars
Fucking up my brain yah
Lotta barre
Flowing throw my veins ey
Speed balls
I might go insane fuck
Whole lotta drugs
Life closed to done
Demons climbing on my walls in my bedroom
I got tendencies of suicidal ideation
Menace to society when I ain’t medicated

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Дата релиза: 19-04-2021

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